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Forecast workbench

Automate and tune your forecasts

Although Claret by vinoEZ provides a ton of automation and mind-blowing calculations, sometimes just you want to tune things up.

We understand. We put in a cool feature that allows you to adjust the forecast by simply moving the chart up or down (mostly up though 😉).

Sales Collaboration

Collaborate for One Number

Getting to a good forecast is about working with others. With Claret by vinoEZ, multiple people can contribute to their part of the sales hierarchy to build up to one number that can be used by the rest of the supply chain.

Long term planning

Planning years out into the future is easy

We've worked tiredlessly to make it simple and easy for you to plan out your forecasts years out into the future.

Plan by volume or plan by growth %. Claret by vinoEZ simplifies the process of building out forecasts for your budgeting exercises.

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