Collaborate to build an operational demand plan at any level

Building out demand plans is vital to reaching your company-wide objectives.  It shouldn’t take forever to do so.  We’ve come up with an efficient and intuitive way for you to build out your plans.

Your supply team will love you because no matter what level you want to enter in your plan, they will be able to get it to the level they need to drive their supply plans.

Enter your demand plans at any level

Simply choose the item level and customer group level you want and make your updates.  Don’t worry, the number you enter in will reconcile down to the lowest level.

Customize your own sales collaboration page

Want to nerd out with the full wall of data approach 🤓 or go for that minimalistic vibe✨?  Go with what ever you want.  No matter how you set up your Sales Collaboration page, the data is all in one spot.

Create your own equations

Looking to get even more creative and add your own equations? We can help with that. Common equations tend to be comparing different sales types and/or calculating the percent over or under between two sale types. You can simply type in the equation and have the result display in the Sales Collaboration page.

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