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Achieve supply chain clarity with Claret — a powerful set of tools hand-crafted to help your company build operational and strategic plans that drive growth.
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Reduce cost of inventory by 10%
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Increase service level by 10%
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Move on from spreadsheets
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Why Claret?
Is your supply chain broken? Out of stocks driving you mad? Still planning with spreadsheets? We are here to help!
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Where we help?
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Improve the bottom line
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Reduce out of stocks
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Provide transparency to plans
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Minimize spreadsheet planning
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Provide one version of the truth
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Level up your team to do more
How we help?
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Forecasting Platform
Delivers accurate forecasts to be leveraged across the business (supply, finance, etc.)
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Supply Planning Platform
Produce the right quantity at the right time. Plus, Identify grape and bulk wine supply issues.
Our solutions
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Easily plan out your grape contracts
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Provide insight into your grape supply and demand over multiple years
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Proactively identify bulk wine supply issues over the next five to ten years
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Quickly react to any demand changes and get ahead of any release date adjustments
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Create consensus-based depletion forecasts
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Easily build long-term forecasts to aid your budgeting process
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Generate shipment forecasts based on distributor days on hand
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Achieve supply chain clarity with Claret
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