Forecast workbench

Create a statistical forecast

Let Claret help with the heavy lifting of generating forecasts. With the Forecast Workbench you can really turn up the automation. With the simple press of a button, Claret can provide you the best forecasting model by evaluating the seasonality, level and trend of your sales history.

Along with the automation, you can step in and override the output or choose what forecast models should be used. It's up to you!

Easily choose where in the hierarchy to forecast

One of the core features of Claret is the item and customer group hierarchy. Navigate through this hierarchy to start your forecasting.

You want forecast models?  We got forecast models!

There are several forecasting models for you to choose from. You can find something you like.

Better yet, have Claret pick the best one for you. This is done for each item at a customer group. Extremely flexible and powerful.

Easily make adjustments to the forecast

Although Claret provides a ton of automation and mind-blowing calculations, sometimes just you want to tune things up.

We understand. We put in a cool feature that allows you to adjust the forecast by simply moving the chart up or down (mostly up though 😉).

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