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Reduce cost of inventory by 10%

The bev alc industry often struggles with inventory issues such as carrying too much of the wrong product. Factors like inaccurate forecasts, package mix, cost, and seasonality complicate decisions about how much inventory to hold.
How Claret can help

Increase service level by 10%

Companies are struggling to maintain consistent customer service due to unpredictable demand fluctuations and a lack of accurate forecasting tools. This results in frustrated customers, lost sales, and increased costs due to overstock or stock-outs.
How Claret can help

Increase your team productivity by 2x

Everyone's working on plans, but there's no unison. Multiple approaches and endless redo loops sink your team's productivity.
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Implementation takes days, not months or years
Ditch the multiple approaches and embrace the Claret way. Collaborating on one forecast aligns your team and doubles your productivity.
Claret’s easy-to-use platform has allowed our team to collaborate in a way that was before not possible through an individual system.
Drew Stroud, Operations Controller
Michael David Winery
Literally, the time to implement forecast numbers has been cut in half for our field-sales teams.
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Ken Dennis, Vice President - Sales Planning
Foley Family Wines
Forecasting made easy! The tools provided with Claret have improved our forecasting and visualization of all channels of our business…
Overall, a solid forecasting tool that continues to be a value to our organization.
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Ken Dennis, Vice President - Sales Planning
Foley Family Wines

Claret in action

Sales Collaboration screenshot
Sales Collaboration screenshot ver 2
Sales Collaboration

Build a demand plan at any level

Whether you’re building out a long-term annual plan or an operation plan, you can adjust your plans at any level across your item hierarchy and customer hierarchy and the plans reconcile down to the lowest level.

Long Term Planning
Long Term Planning screenshot 2
Long term Planning screenshot

Create your long term plan with ease

As you map out your business growth plans, it starts with a strong demand plan.  Build out a long term demand plan in a snap with Claret’s Long Term Plan feature.  Enter in the annual plan at any level in your hierarchy and it will reconcile down to the lowest level.

Forecast Workbench
Forecast Workbench feature
Forecast Workbench feature

Leverage AI to create the forecast for you

With the power of artificial intelligence, you can lean on Claret to simplify your forecasting efforts by picking the best linear regression model for your sales history. Claret quickly analyzes the sales history and picks from several models to come up with the most accurate forecast.


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