Profit Maximizer

Maximize your blend, maximize your profits

Claret Profit Maximizer is a specialized consulting service dedicated to helping wine companies find the most profitable pathways for their grapes or wine lots to final blend.

Profit Maximizer

Understanding the wine industry’s challenges

It is impossible to consider all the viable sourcing, blending options, quality considerations, and the profit implications without proper tools, industry insights, and supply chain expertise.

The challenge with blending
Claret Profit Maximizer solution 
Claret Profit Maximizer

A specialized consulting offering that combines industry expertise with AI and data-driven strategies to improve wine blending profitability.

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Improve profit from grape to final blend
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Discover overlooked opportunities
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Unlock “What if” scenario planning
“what if” scenarios
Claret Profit Maximizer helps beverage companies navigate various conceptual scenarios, and analyze their outcome based on analytics and AI-based forecasting modules.
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There’s a good deal on some Pinot Noir grapes, is it worth it?
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The Sales team is forecasting higher demand for Merlot, how will this impact our overall profitability?
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What if we replant our Cab Franc vines, with Chardonnay?
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Our process
1. Discovery /
Initial consultation
Our journey begins with an in-depth discovery session, where we sit down with your team to understand your unique challenges and objectives.
2. Analysis /
Data collection
This step is vital to ensure that our model is built on a foundation of comprehensive and accurate information, enabling us to tailor our analysis and recommendations specifically to your business needs.
3. Development /
Build AI model
We build your AI model, focusing on identifying the most profitable paths for your wine lots and grapes, taking into account all variables from cost to market demand.
4. Evaluation /
Share results & iterate
We provide a comprehensive analysis that offers actionable insights and strategic guidance. We discuss the potential impact of different blending decisions on your profitability and work with you to refine the strategy.
Why Claret is your ideal partner

Based on our experience with helping our clients planning blends to meet demand, we saw opportunities to marry up our expertise in advanced supply chain planning and AI to create a unique, but powerful solution that can help move our industry forward.

A straightforward model that fits your company's size and complexity.
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How do I get started with Claret Profit Maximizer?
Will the use of AI and algorithms overshadow the winemaker's expertise?

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