long term planning

Build out a realistic long term plan in no time

As you map out your business growth plans, it starts with a strong demand plan.  Build out a long term demand plan in a snap with Claret’s Long Term Plan feature.  Enter in the annual plan at any level in your hierarchy and it will reconcile down to the lowest level.

Long term planning screenshot

Enter your demand plans at any level

Customize your page to enter in the long term plans at any level in the Customer Groups hierarchy and the Items hierarchy. Regardless of the level you enter it in, it will reconcile all the way down to the lowest level in your hierarchies.

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Long term planning screenshot

Growth percentage entry

Would you rather enter in your plan by using growth percentages? Claret is here for you.  Simply type in the percent growth at any level in the hierarchy and Claret will convert that into the correct number down the hierarchy.

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Long Term Planning screenshot

Ad hoc updates

Select any set of rows in the Long Term Page and make demand updates on the subtotal and watch Claret do its magic by spreading that ad hoc plan across the selected rows. And yes, all the way down to the lowest level in the hierarchies. Oh, and if you want to enter in the growth percentage across this ad hoc selection, we got you.

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Claret’s easy-to-use platform has allowed our team to collaborate in a way that was before not possible through an individual system.
Drew Stroud, Operations Controller
Michael David Winery
Learn more about Long Term Planning in our Documentation.